Peertube-import-videos script can't upload videos with the same title?

I tried to use peertube-import-videos to mirror yt-dlp support site, but sometimes it fails when uploading another video with the same title

If I remember well, this command use the title to detect if the video is already here or not. I don’t know if there is a workaround.

If you have a github account, maybe you can open an issue to ask for a new parameter to disable this behaviour. Something like `–ignore-duplicate’.

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Thanks for your reply and information, I was going to use PeerTube as one of my video refuges but it looks like it’s difficult for the present.Thanks !

You can also comment the line that tests if the video is already here. It should be easy to find.

Or… You can use the new synchronization feature: Automatically import videos a remote channel or playlist | PeerTube documentation
You don’t even need to use the CLI tool. You just have to copy/paste a channel link, and it will offer you to download all existing videos.

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Thanks for the reply!
I also considered that feature, but could not find an instance where that feature was turned on, new signups, and sufficient upload capacity,or It is difficult to find instances with all three conditions