Peertube installation

Hello Peertube community.
I am robb, a Dutch guy and involved in several opensource projects. In the recent history I started to get involved in diaspora*, one of the fediverse projects. I believe PeerTube is also one of those fediverse projects, so my interest was caught already.

A few days ago there was a request in another opensource project where I am involved in: NethServer.
NethServer is a CentOS based server distribution that aims to make the sysadmin’s life a bit easier by having a modular approach in adding functionality to the distribution. In our project we have a very pragmatic approach towards adding new functionality:

  • do a feature request: in our forums we discuss this request, look for alternatives and decide if we want to move on.
  • create an install howto: by documenting the necessary steps to install an application we can help other members of the community trying to add extra functionality to their NethServer install. When a howto is fully reproducable, without any problems, the howto will get a permanent place in the wiki
  • create a module so the application will be available as a 1-click-install for NethServer.

As you can see, the time between feature request and install howto is very small. Especially because of the great work of my friend Markus Neuberger.

Now I would like to zoom in a bit on his install howto. Especially his remark about the need for NodeJS8:

Unfortunately peertube needs nodejs8 and I needed to replace the centos nodejs stack because rh-nodejs8 is not working, see Nethserver-collabora CODE testing and discussion so please don’t run in production.

Now my question: what options do we have to make Peertube available on NethServer / CentOS7 without the need of breaking the (default) CentOS NodeJS stack? Can the peertube community think out loud with me on solving this issue?

Second remark I would like to add: I am someone that is not super technical. I know my way on a Linux server but not at guru level. I also think that when you present an installation howto for an application, you have to be inclusive in all necessary steps. Is there any room for improvement of this howto? Are there any steps missing? Are there any errors as the howto is now?

Thank you in advance for any comments
best regards,



You may try NVM, which let you install the node version you want without messing with the system.

Hi @Framasky Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I will pass on the suggestion and see if we can work things out with NVM instead of SCL/RedHat version of Nodejs