PeerTube instance providers with big storage space

Are there any good hosting solutions yet for PeerTube instances ?
Are there any reviews yet for these hosters that offer a ready to use PeerTube instance for admins, that want to manage their own PeerTube instance on a good VPS ?
What will about 100 GB Space and 2 CPUs costs in such a VPS server setup, that runs a PeerTube instance ?

Any recommendations ?
Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.

The only one I know of is - I have not used their service personnaly, nor have I heard of anyone using their service. They don’t specify the number of vCPUs available, only the storage.

you could use something like s3 storage. that works out to about usd $ 5 per month per TB so its not a lot

Digital Ocean has dedicated CPU plans. The best one fitting your requirements would cost $50. You’d get two dedicated CPU threads, 4GB of RAM, 25GB of machine SSD storage, 4TB of transfer and 100GB of SSD block storage.

Here is a referral link giving you $100 credit. So, you can test it out the way you like.

Many thanks for the S3 solution, how could I map the S3 storage to the VPS, where the Peertube Hosting is running ? Or does Amazon S3 also offers complete VPS Servers with Ubuntu or Debian, where I can installe NGINX ?

50 USD per month is too expensive for the beginning…
Anyway, thanks foir the offer…

Thanks for the info… Yes, I have found them also, but they have only answered my questions very late and only with one sentence, so I am not too confident about them… Also nottoo many infos of their packages…
Also I rather want to try now to setup my own server to learn the whole process to be able to bug out some problems and see how it all works together…and learn more Linux skills…

$50/month is a steep entry for a personal level, agreed. Then again, your setup requirements are a little overkill I think. If you’re willing to settle with a single CPU thread, 1GB of RAM, a terabyte of traffic and 25GB of SSD storage, you’d be spending $5 a month. I think that setup is great for « playing around Â» and even be production ready for lower end requirements.

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Thanks for all the infos.
I will first try now to install it on a free Google Cloud Platform
installation for testing or if this does not work just try
Amazon AWS setup…

Regards, Stefan.

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Does the latest Docker File already contain the Peertube version 2.4.0 ?

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I could arrange with to offer peertube instances starting from 7€/month for 10GB.

My instance is running without problems. Send him greetings

To my experience best solution is buy a real server in Hetzner with Raid5 minimum 3xHD 2TB so you have 4TB + speed and security of Raid5 system, can you spend less than 50€/month to take a good machine:

Mine cost 41€
Intel Core i7-4770 there is the i7-3700 for video is good too have twice of GHZ GPU of 4770
3x HDD SATA 2,0 TB Enterprise
32GB Ram
super fast internet connection do the rest!!!