Peertube Jumps to 100% CPU While Video is Uploading

When I begin uploading a video, Peertube’s node_dist/server process maxes one of my CPU cores to 100%. When I cancel the upload, CPU usages immediately becomes normal (<5%).

I’m not experiencing any lock-ups like I was the last time I noticed that Peertube was maxing out a core. ( PeerTube Server Stops Responding (Rate Limiting?) - #8 par JohnLivingston ). PeerTube is still perfectly usable, it seems.

Still, is this behavior normal? Maxing a core just to receive an incoming upload? I could understand if the file were being re-encoded in real time or something, but I don’t see FFMPEG anywhere. What’s causing something like node_dist/server to max out in this scenario? Maybe this is totally expected behavior and I’m writing this post for nothing.

[EDIT] The debug logs at myinstance.url/admin/system/logs don’t show anything interesting. Just a constant repeating of the following, about 15 seconds apart each time:

debug[1/27/2024, 7:28:21 AM] [part]: 2-af63af4c8601a015-b4731376502938d0-e23016f33ad0d72e-91696106cc8dcf.flv: 26674416275/128093784478

debug[1/27/2024, 7:28:21 AM] [request]: PUT /upload-resumable?upload_id=af63af4c8601a015-b4731376502938d0-e23016f33ad0d72e-91696106cc8dcf

I assume that’s normal for an upload.

Just made a test. I did not see 100% during the upload, but I saw it after clicking on the publish button.
Seems that publishing the video could be blocked waiting for the storyboard generation.

Question to Peertube maintainers: could it be the storyboard job that is blocking the publishing of the video?