Peertube not working after upgrading Arch

Hi all,
after upgrading my Arch system, Peertube stopped working. Likely something happened to nginx or its dependencies, as everything else is working properly.

I currently reverted to the snapshot before the upgrade so no hurry about fixing, I’d like just to know if there are some known issues or things I have to make sure to prepare before the upgrade, or after the upgrade go patiently looking at logs to see what had broken and why…

I am currently on nginx 1.24.0 and upgrade will port it to 1.26.0-2

What is your Peertube version?

Did you change your NodeJS version?
Starting with node 18, there are some changes that might broke some installation with old configuration: node 18 resolves localhost in IPv6 instead of IPv4.
Check the v6.0.0 release notes: " Check in production.yaml that you use instead of localhost for listen.hostname, database.hostname and redis.hostname as Node 18 favours IPv6 for localhost resolution"

And check your nginx configuration file: there should not be any localhost, only

Hi, I currently have node v20.4.0 and peertube recently updated to 6.1.0.

Checking nginx’s peertube enabled site, I am using only, while the listen directives are on all IPs port 80 and 443 ssl http2, while nginx.conf I see have locahost as server_name directive of server block but I « guess » the upgrade process must take care of it, as user changes are in sites-enabled, I may be wrong of course.

I am now thinking to upgrade only one package at a time until I upgrade the one that will break the instance in order to find the culprit, instead of upgrading everything and then swimming in the sea of logs, but can do that only in my spare time… it can take a while.

I did not understand what you mean by « as user changes are in sites-enabled », but the server_name must be the public domain of your peertube (for example: server_name;), otherwise nginx won’t respond to request on your domain.

The file in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled is usually a symbolic link to the /etc/nginx/sites-available/peertube file (so you can enable/disable a site by creating/deleting the symbolic link).

Today I will change localhost to in nginx.conf, and after that I will start to make the single upgrades until I hit the problem and report here what and why it went wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

I did found some things breaking on upgrades, and looking at it peertube is out the suspects list :sweat_smile: and topic is closed.

I will prepare for some time of fun…


Good luck!

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