Peertube on existing server


I have a server that is used mainly for storage and has Ubuntu on it. It uses Docker to run NGINX Reverse Proxy Manager and FileBrowser to access files from outside. This works perfectly, but now I wish to install Peertube.

I’ve been trying this for over a week but I for the life of me cannot figure it out. I comment out the things I see in the docker compose file and configure the env file. And it just won’t run.

What I did manage is that if I made it install nginx and certbot etc, like basically only changing the env file, it works perfectly. The domain works, I can upload, transcode, share, everything.

What on earth am I not doing correctly in the other setup. If I just # out the parts I don’t need, is there something else I need to configure to make it run on my own NGINX instance that I am not aware of?

I can mostly find my way around linux, but am certainly not an expert at all. I’ve been trying on my own for too long now and am now humbly requesting help.