Peertube on Kubernetes with S3 storage

At Logilab we have deployed 5 peertube instances over the years :

  1. intranet from source (thanks for peertube!)
  2. intranet using Yunohost (thanks to all the maintainers!)
  3. extranet using yunohost again
  4. public for SemWebPro conference using yunohost
  5. public for Logilab videos using kubernetes and s3-type storage

Every step we try to spend some time contributing (issues, tests, documentation, publicity, etc.).

With this new kubernetes + s3 deployment we’re also trying to contribute and have feedback from other users or potential users. You can review and get in touch !


Hi Arthur,

Thanks for this, it was useful for us at COOPGO.

We took inspiration and published our version of Peertube deployment using Kustomize :

Hope it will help others as your version helped us.


Super good news to see this new version being published.

I’ve added your project as a link on ours, and also added it to the documentation Update : add new ☸ kubernetes deployment option (b5214017) · Commits · Framasoft / PeerTube / documentation · GitLab (should appear on PeerTube documentation )

We’ll get back to you as soon as we test out your deployment.