PeerTube on Synology NAS

Hello at all,

I tried to run PeerTube on a Synology NAS with DSM6 by Docker, but till now, I have no success.

I tried to work with the guide on but I guess to haven an understanding problem about how the components work together.

I do not know from where to get the information about « TRAEFIK_ACME_EMAIL » or « TRAEFIK_ACME_DOMAINS ».

Furthermore I don’t know how to run the postregSQL database and how to get the needed informations about DB-Username, Passwort, etc.

I tried to install the PHPgpAdmin package on the NAS, but it won’t run (404page).

Could anybody help me, how to make the right way of installation?

Im really not a professional, but I am always interested to learn some new stuff on my own. In this case however, I’m quite confused.

So I would be very thankful for any kind of advice and help!

Best regards - Daniel

hi @Daniel_WW

Are you using docker compose? Traefik is a reverse-proxy used in our docker-compose configuration at the moment.

It’s run automatically as part of the docker-compose. Otherwise your have to refer to Synology on how to run it natively.

Unfortunately we don’t have resources to buy, develop for and maintain for Synology devices. Your best bet is to get PeerTube to run on Synology using docker compose, potentially trying it first on your machine to get to know docker-compose.


thanks a lot for your very fast and comprehensive response.

First I loaded the following docker-container over the docker-web-gui on my Synology NAS System:

Is this the right « docker compose » you mean, or do I have to use another way?

Next I tried to follow and practise the steps from docker guide.

When I reached the point, where I have to modify the .env-file with TRAEFIK_ACME_EMAIL and TRAEFIK_ACME_DOMAINS variables I don’t know from where to get these items. Do I have to run Traefik first or do I have to make a user-registration anywhere?

The same problem I had with the next step in the guide. Here I must replace the <MY POSTGRES USERNAME>, <MY POSTGRES PASSWORD>, <MY DOMAIN> and <MY EMAIL ADDRESS> in the .env-file.
For my understanding I have to create a PostgreSQL-DB first and the and the fill in the Username and the other items. Is this assumption right? - And if yes - where can I start and create the database?

Please let me know, if I’m wrong with my type of procedure. I’m still a newbie in this stuff. But if there exist anyhow a more detailed instruction, I’m would be very interested to know, so that I can learn an better understand the details.

I would be very glad to get some help again. :wink:
Thanks in advance to all and best Regards - Daniel

Addendum: Just found this informations about docker-compose. I will study that guide and maybe I’ll be then a little smarter.

This is just a docker image. The « docker compose » I refer to is a configuration file found at which orchestrates multiple docker images, including the one you linked and its external dependencies (db, etc.)

I suggest you read about « docker compose » first:

EDIT: same link you found apparently :slight_smile: it seems like a good resource

@Daniel_WW have you made any progress? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, nice to have a true listen.

On step 3 « Install Docker Compose on Synology »
ssh … ok.
sudo … ok.
mv … ok.

Let’s download the latest Docker Compsose file:
‹ curl -L ›
and ‹ curl -L ›

docker-compose --version
/usr/local/bin/docker-compose: line 1: Not: command not found

Failed :
-rwx------ 1 root root 9 Sep 3 14:03 docker-compose
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 12204792 Jul 21 2022 docker-compose_bak


I don’t have problem to install, and use Postgres, MariaDB with docker-synology-GUI… but Docker-Compose is inaccessible and or unusable.

Any idea ?