Peertube or not peertube

I was looking for a solution to give access to my family to the movies I made these last years. All these files are on a NAS, with SMB, NFS activated. I would like my family to be able to stream these files
I wish that I can use peertube, but it seems to be a more complex that I thought.

With peertube, can I mount a nfs directory, add all files in a channel, keep the name files and the file tree, and give accounts to my family ?

Thank you

Peertube is not meant to share videos in a folder. It is a full VOD/Streaming platform (like youtube or twitch).
There are other projects for what you want to achieve (can’t remember the name right now, sorry)

You might be looking for something more like Plex.

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That’s the name i was looking for!

Thank you for your answers.

You’re right, Peertube was not what I want.
I saw Plex, but it’s not free
I’m testing jellyfin