Peertube plugin for metadata scraping


I hope that I am in the right place for this. For a public project I am looking for a developer who is able to help with the following question. There is budget available.

We are helping cultural institutes to make uploading their event registrations to Peertube as easy as possible and we want to attach consistent and complete event metadata to these videos. That is why I would like to create a Peertube plugin that can scrape metadata from an event publication (ICS or Is there anybody who might be able to help with this? Maybe a freelancer? Let me know!



You can contact me by private message if you want to detail your use case. @JohnLivingston is also a PeerTube plugin developer.

Hello Chocobozzz,

Thank you for your reply! Would it be possible to schedule a short Zoom call somewhere this week or the next one to discuss some details? I would be happy to hear what suits you.



We prefer to stay by email/private message for initial contacts :slight_smile:

Thanks Chocobozzz for mentioning me :slight_smile:. But I have no time for new project before June 2023.

okay I understand! Can you send me a message at ? Thank you!

Hello guys,

we are working on a similar case for a community tv station. They currently have extra fields/ additional data such as season, guests, crew or broadcaster…
Do you already have experience in adding additional data with a peertube plugin?

Thanks in advance!