PeerTube randomly has trouble loading

I’ve got a fresh PeerTube instance running, but I’m having some issues. Randomly when watching a video, the download will drop down to 0 bytes, and refuse to load for a few seconds. Its not a CPU/HDD/network issue, as other media streaming things (like Jellyfin) work just fine. This issue also applies to loading pages too; sometimes clicking on a page (i.e. Trending) will show the orange loading bar at the top of the screen, and it’ll slowly scroll across (presumably due to the same issue that’s causing random failure when downloading video data.)

sudo journalctl -feu peertube doesn’t show any valuable information, so I’m not sure how to go about troubleshooting this. It happens when accessing PeerTube from both my domain name and through direct local IP address.


What is your instance URL?

The best way to replicate the issue is to click on a long video and skip around until it eventually gets stuck

It’s intermittent so it might take a few tries for it to happen

As it turns out, the issue isn’t limited to PeerTube, and in fact effect Jellyfin too (both go unresponsive at the same time)
Pings to this server still work, so it must be some sort of issue with nginx itself
I suspect some setting in nginx’s config might be related

EDIT: What’s especially weird is that it only seems to effect "dynamic sites’’; loading plain HTML files works fine whenever PeerTube/Jellyfin stop working. In fact, pressing F5 one PeerTube even reloads the page instantly. I’m wondering if something about the way data is sent to the client is somehow adversely affected by nginx.