Peertube: Receive Payments from Chat in Livestream

Hi! Thanks for developing PeerTube.

What tools are there to integrate chat with the PeerTube? For example, lets say you are livestreaming. Your audience might want to interact with you through a chat mechanism. Is there something for that? What sort of integrations are there?

Your PeerTube audience might want to support your efforts financially. How could the audience make donations to your stream or your instance while you are not streaming? On a famous proprietary video platform, this usecase is handled with « superchats ».


Both chat and payments are not parts of PeerTube core mechanics.

Though, you can add it to your instance through plugins.

You can find plugins from the admin interface, the npm registry or using this third party web tool: PeerTube Extension Finder

Currently, I think specifically about two plugins to cover your purposes: LiveChat and Web Monetization.

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When you edit a video or channel properties, there is a field «support» in «advanced settings»:

You can add here donation links. A button will be displayed underneath the video (or every channel’s video):

I’m the developer of the livechat plugin.
I plan to work on the plugin next month, and I have some ideas to allow bots and advanced interactions between the chat and streamers. I don’t personnally want to work on monetization systems, but I can help other developers to make it possible.