PeerTube requires network cache servers to work

The very first video I clicked on to learn about PeerTube buffered after 2 seconds and never continued.

While I applaud the concept of PeerTube, it will never succeed as designed.

PeerTube is growing up in a world where buffering is unacceptable. The second your video buffers, you have lost a viewer.

The only solution is the solution is to place the videos on caching servers closer to the person watching the video.

This reality sucks for a small startup but it is a harsh reality.

That’s why video sites can’t succeed with CIA funding. It costs a fortune to create thousands of caching video servers and pay for the networking to push out videos to them.

Hi @SystemsPlanet,

Fortunately we have though about this too!

Unfortunately not all servers are using this mechanism, so your experience may vary.