Peertube setup help, live transcoding questions


I have setup a peertube server and made some livestream tests
I tried with live transcoding on (same resolution) and it worked well
Then i tried without to see if we can avoid the cpu usage
It seemed to work well too, but then with other tries it didn’t work anymore (stream won’t load)
Actually it seems quite random

(note: i use S3 storage, in case that’s the problem)

So i wonder if live transcoding is required or not
As i understand it the HLS format is required by the player and that’s why transcoding may be required (to transform the input stream in HLS format), but it’s not clearly said in the documentation

If HLS transcoding consists roughly on adding m3u files and not really touching the video encoding, could we imagine not passing through ffmpeg (in a future peertube version) ?

In the meantime if transcoding is necessary, how can i enhance the ffmpeg so that it’s less cpu consuming (at a cost of little quality loss i guess) ?


version: 6.0.2

Depending on the input stream, non-transcoding live stream may not work. It’s the reason why we advise to enable live transcoding.