PeerTube use case questions

Hi all,

we have a popular website and would like to allow our users to upload and play videos.

Now, we really like the concept of PeerTube. However, we don’t like to use the UI of Framatube and instead would like to only embed the uploaded videos on our website.

Thus, is it possible…

a) to create/delete users via API?
b) to upload/delete videos to a PeerTube instance via API from an interface on our main website?
c) to disable the accessibility of the provided UI framework and to only rely on the embedded videos on our website?
d) to monetize the videos in the embedded player?
e) Does the embedded player also rely on the peer 2 peer technology?

Thanks for the feedback.




You can do it in nginx (forbid all but /embed/... paths)

No it’s not possible


See & for more information regarding the PeerTube REST API.