Peertubes Docker Hub

Hey there,

I’m a bit confused about Peertubes Docker Hub Images and Tags (see: Docker) . The « latest » Tag installs a 6 year old image.

Then there is:

  • production-bookworm
  • v6.0.2-bookworm

So far I was using production-bookworm, but I wanted to update to v6.02, but that broke the whole config (videos are gone, some configs are gone and some configs are still there). Can anyone tell the difference between these two images?

Also, I wanted to report the « latest » tag issue on Framagit, but noticed that the repo moved to Github (which I do not use). Is there still a maintained Peertube repo where I can create issues on Framagit?

Have you read the release notes before upgrading?
In particuliar v6.0.0 release notes: Release v6.0.0 · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub
There are some modifications to do by hand.