Peertube's mascot


As you might remember, I started long ago; in june 2018 a work on designing a mascot for Peertube. It all started with polls over social medias, and the first confusion I massively seen was audience mixing logo and mascot. So, for starting this thread on good base:

“A mascot is any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck, or anything used to represent a group with a common public identity” ~ Wikipedia mascot page

I like mascots, they make documentations funnier to read; they decorate contents sometime a bit too serious (404 pages, error messages), they also creates item to collect or to wear.

So, it started like that:

and quickly the poll elected the tiny octopus

but I wanted to push the design further, and get something a bit more in relation with the logo. But I just get confused, not happy about the design and about my art technique for rendering it. Also, the test of the cubic TV on left was misunderstood to be a microwave from the generation who knew only flat TV and monitors.

I eventually continued later on my sketchbook with tests until I finally was happy with this one:

The latest mystery for me was “how to render it?”. If I paint it; it will be hard to maintain because I would be the only one to generate new derivation of the mascot, and for sustainability of the design, I disliked the idea. It took time until I realise I should try with Inkscape with flat vectors.


This way, all the parts are easy to combine, rotate like a muppet made of paper shapes.

The source SVG is here:

I plan to release it under the same license than Peertube, GPLv3.0. I usually goes with CC-By but I don’t want to be attributed on any usage of the mascot.

What do you think about it?


This is so awesome !


I’m in love ! Thanks, @Deevad




So it’s more like a cuttlefish with the triangular “head” ! I like that 7774507576_2104186ca8_b|653x500


@Deevad cute, original and unforgettable: love it!


Looks awesome! Great job.

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love it too :smiley:

I love it! :heart_eyes: Excellent work! :+1:


Damn! Can’t they be taught something about the past maybe? This one is really a work of art… the triangle head looks weird because it’s too rigid… needs to be more organic…Like separate overlapping triangles like it’s hair, or thought bubbles, or something…?

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Wow ! Realy stunning works ! :heart_eyes:

So we have landed on a name for this mascott, and it is…

:drum: :drum: :drum:


(thanks @goofy for suggesting it)

It is both a color that remind of old movies and a latin radical for the cuttlefish, so it seems fitting.

BTW, we (at Framasoft) won’t make any PeerTube merch, but fortunately @Deevad has opened a shop (and I know he’s shy and won’t plug it so I’m doing it), and you’ll find Sepia on clothes, prints, etc. on this link.


Hello @Deevad.
I’m going to use your work for buttons in my plugin peertube-plugin-livechat (
What is the current license for your work? How can I credit you?

My plugin use the license GNU AFFERO, because it is the one in the peertube-plugin-quickstart repository. Have I to change this license for something else? (GPL?)

AGPL is compatible with GPL, and PeerTube’s licence is AGPL anyway.

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Hi @JohnLivingston, the license is CC-By ( 4.0 International, for the details; ).

For the credit, simply to « David Revoy », and I’m fine if it’s in README somewhere at the end or in the footer of GUI in very small :wink:

(TIL today: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0, thanks for that!)


Note that on the original (1st post) I said:

I plan to release it under the same license than Peertube, GPLv3.0. I usually goes with CC-By but I don’t want to be attributed on any usage of the mascot.

That’s for the SVGs of the mascott (the vector files and its derivatives) to ease inclusion inside the software/documentation.

The character design as an illustration is CC-By: it ease my own reusage in recent CC-By illustrations.

I hope it clarify the situation a bit. Sorry if it was fuzzy :sweat_smile:

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What link to your work can I put in my readme?

I used this file, and I’m modifying it to adapt to my buttons. I will show you as soon at it is comitted.

Ideal link: maybe if you want a Peertube specific one with article that mention the CC-By.