Permanent live and limit of 1 live stream per user?

Hi, live streaming is great so I want to do it more often.
I’m trying to schedule an event tomorrow and I want to share the URL of the stream happening tomorrow today. When I try to create a new stream I get this error « Cannot create live because you created too many lives » because I have already a video as « This is a permanent live » which I plan to use for testing.

As the admin of the instance I can make another user which would have the permanent live stream and tests. Yet, it seems strange that I can raise the limit for a user in term of daily upload quota, total quota but not number of live streams, permanent or not. Did I overlook something and if not, what’s the reason behind limiting live streams to 1 per user?

PS : I try to disable the permanent live and I encounter the same problem. I don’t think that’s ideal in order to plan upcoming streams. I can imagine limited to 1 concurrent live stream per user but how can I prepare future streams without relying on redirections?


You can update the concurrent live stream option in the instance config. You can’t update this value per user yet.

Apologies it is indeed right there in the configuration panel yet I somehow missed it. I must have glanced over so for others for are confused :

  1. Configuration (as root)
  2. Live Streaming
  3. Max simultaneous lives created per user

I want to create and schedule live streams for my upcoming events. Is there a way I can do this? I want to share the URL of the live with the viewers ahead of time so they can login and go to the URL. I dont want them to wait untill the last moment for me to give them the URL of the live stream.