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Hello, I’m new here, been using PeerTube for a year or so, but recently have been getting heavily into ActivityPub and the fediverse.

I have a theory that decentralized software like PeerTube benefits a lot from the flexibility provided by plugins to meet diverse user and community needs. It’s been strange to find that of the apps I’m aware of, only PeerTube seems to supports plugins!

My question then, is there a directory of available plugins? I saw the official Framasoft ones and a few random posts here about different plugins, but think a directory would be helpful. If you need a maintainer or at least collector of the basic information needed to build such a directory, I’m happy to help. Maybe this thread can be a place for people to post their production-ready plugins.


Plugins meant to be public can be published on, where they usually at least use the keywords « peertube » and « plugin » as they are set by default in the template. You can then search for them via keywords:peertube plugin - npm search

Then your help is welcome on Framasoft / PeerTube / plugin-index · GitLab

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