Plugin livechat translation: help needed!


As you may know, I’m the livechat plugin maintainer.

The plugin is translated in several languages, but there are still a lot of missing translations.
Until today, translations were made directly in the project repository.
This was not easy for non-developpers, and required a github account.

But, big change, Framasoft accepted to host the plugin translations on their Weblate instance!
This means that users that already have accounts (for example users helping to translate Peertube) can now easily help to translate the plugin.
And of course, this mean that anyone, including non-developers people, will be able to help.

We can now also easily see the current translation state: (this picture only shows languages that have at least one translation, there are other available locales). You can also just check the project.

If you want to help, you can check the livechat Weblate project!

I wrote a documentation: Translate :: Peertube plugin livechat documentation . It was written in a hastily, I hope it’s understable.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you encounter any issue. And thanks to all people that will help to translate it :slight_smile:

I’ll try to give a hand on spanish :slight_smile:

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Thanks @coyotle .

And thanks to other contributors. There were a lot of improvments since i posted this message :slight_smile:

Just released v7.1.0, that include all new translations. Thanks to all translators!

translation status

You can now also translate the plugin documentation!

Some notes about this here: Translate :: Documentation plugin Peertube livechat