Podcast RSS Working?

Has anyone successfully published a Podcast 2.0 RSS feed to a service? Everything I try seems to have missing elements. I have a client that is chomping at the bit to make this work, a couple of players almost work. Like this for Windows, but it is audio only. Microsoft Apps
VLC works.
Spotify and Apple list missing features.
I am not yet that knowledgeable in the Podcast stuff. Any pointers out there, or are we just not there yet. This would be great if we could make this work with Apple and Spotify, it seems so close !!

I’m subscribed to few PeerTube channels using RSS with AntennaPod and it is working.

However this client gets confused and always think the videos are 4-second long, but still manages to play them completely.

Do you know what is missing for these podcast clients? We have a few issues on github regarding podcast RSS: https://github.com/search?q=repo%3AChocobozzz%2FPeerTube+podcast+feed&type=issues

and add this issue for Apple.
Generate bigger actor avatars · Issue #5908 · Chocobozzz/PeerTube (github.com)
This seems so close. HLS playback seems to be an issue for some players also, but we have to get past this to verify what each player supports and how to address that.


This is Spotify BTW.

« RSS with AntennaPod and it is working. »
Have you been able to play M3U8 ? I only get « webtorrent » uploads to play.

Sorry I don’t know what M3U8 means.
I suppose I did not try.

Peertube can use 2 different file format:

m3u8 correspond to format called HLS in the above documentation.

It is a server parameter. If you have access to the server configuration, you can check in the transcoding options.

If not, you can guess which format is used. For example, on the video page, click on download.
If the url contains « download/streaming-playlists/hls/ » as in the following screenshot, then you are using HLS:

Note that is some case, both formats can be enabled on an instance.

I don’t think it’s taking HLS then. It’d be up to the RSS feed to provide the URL to the HLS media file instead of the webtorrent one to get AntennaPod to find it.

Does the channel in question have a description?. If it’s blank in peertube it can’t populate the RSS feed.

It’d be up to the RSS feed to provide the URL to the HLS media file instead of the webtorrent one to get AntennaPod to find it.

In the Podcast2 plugin I set the enclosure to point to the lowest resolution HLS media file, which seems to work for most players.

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I was able to find some rss feed validators and I seem to have gotten all the problems ironed out with version 0.0.5. When updating the Channel you can press the rss settings button, then supply the info needed by the providers. I was unable to get the standard feed to pass all the tests yet, but the RSS path for the plugin should pass as long as you fill in the blanks and the image at the url given meets apple’s requirements