Populate database

hey guyz, I am trying to perform performance testing to measure the scope of the PeerTube application. Can anyone tell me how can i populate the PeerTube Database with dummy data? I know this can bring inconsistency but still i would like to populate data with Dummy data.
I am sure the offiicial developers must have prepared dummy data while developing PeerTube at the earliest time.

I can see that some of the database fields such as video is using uuid as a unique key and the video are stored in torrent file. Is there anyway i can populate database with correct files?

You can use APIs to generate account/video/channels/[…] : PeerTube documentation

If you want to make load tests, you can use software like «siege» to make high number of requests: Ubuntu Manpage: siege - An HTTP/FTP load tester and benchmarking utility.

If you want to simulate massive navigation actions, you can try Puppeteer: GitHub - puppeteer/puppeteer: Headless Chrome Node.js API

Thanks for sharing buddy. You asked a great question. I am also facing the same issue for ranboo. I found a solution very helpful from JohnLivingston.

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