Posting tags?

Hey there, and thanks for the amazing piece of software!! <3

A quick question that may have been answered already (i searched a bit, i promise!):

Why when posting a video published with tags, the tags are not part of the message sent to the fediverse? ie. on Mastodon we don’t see the peertube tags as hashtags?

I think this would tremendously help the visibilty of peertube videos on mastodon, as hashtags are still practically the only way to meaningfully search in mastodon…

Thanks for pointing me to an existing discussion if there is any, and long live Peertube!



It’s the responsability of the receiver to display what it wants. For mastodon, they chose to display only the video’s name. See for more information

hmmm i see…:confused:

thanks for the answer!

keep up the good work! :+1: