Problem s3 minio

Installed peertube. I want to use s3 minio external storage for storing and uploading files. I connected the storage in the configuration, when uploading new files they were created on the storage, but I could not watch the video in the peertube itself, I tried to change the base url and nothing special happened. Please tell me how to set up.

enabled: true

Without protocol, will default to HTTPS

endpoint: ‹ › # ‹ › or ‹ › for example

region: ‹ us-east-1 ›

# You can also use AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID env variable
access_key_id: ‹ 
# You can also use AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY env variable
secret_access_key: '
*** ›

Maximum amount to upload in one request to object storage

max_upload_part: 2GB

bucket_name: ‹ videos ›

# Allows setting all buckets to the same value but with a different prefix
prefix: 'videos/' # Example: 'streaming-playlists:'

# Base url for object URL generation, scheme and host will be replaced by this URL
# Useful when you want to use a CDN/external proxy
base_url: '' # Example: ''


Can you paste your instance URL?

i.e. set the base url of the pertub itself? Tried options with path

tried and
tried and
tried and…/

base_url is only if you want to use a cache system in front of minio. Leave it empty if you don’t have such service.

Did not help by default without url . But tell me a question: in the manual there are 2 methods of using s3, one of which is to use buckets and login and password in the configuration. The second old method is to mount an s3fc directory. That is, in theory, using only the production.yaml config, I can play files on the main peertube and it will open them from the storage and it is not necessary to use s3fc

It still does not work because you don’t use TLS in Minio. So the web browser blocks the request.

The previous object storage config should not be used (too much bugs).