Proposal for low-end hadware

Just a proposal for Peertube: I want to have an option that selects the lowest quality possible for a video automatically. Useful for old computers and bad internet connections. I’m using web videos with a 12 year old Netbook, using an 32-Bit Intel Atom processor, dual core, 1,6 GHz. Peertube works fine. I’d use even smaller video sizes than 240p. Most videos don’t need such high resolutions to be honest.

240p is a high resolution?
I believe the player should be auto selecting the best quality based on connection.

The connection speed of my internet line is probably fine, but the computer is not fast enough to handle such big videos. 240p… of course this isn’t a high resolution, but in most cases, I watch videos to get information, which can be transported on a stamp-sized video in some cases, but in other cases, a proper cinema is necessary to get the essence of a film.


Remember previous player resolution choice · Issue #4073 · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub should address your issue