Proton Mail SMTP Server


Would using Proton Mail SMTP work with Mobilizon? I am looking to potentially send mail from a Proton Mail address:

Proton Mail SMTP Link

The Mobilizon Email Server Docs says it does not support 3rd party mail providers, but it looks like the email config can be changed to the Proton Mail SMTP credentials:

You may also be asked for the following information in your third-party client:

SMTP host:
Port: 587
Authentication method: PLAIN
This text will be hiddenEncryption: STARTTLS

Note that some clients may only offer “SSL/TLS” or “TLS” encryption, and you may have to experiment with different settings. In general, if STARTTLS isn’t available, TLS is the next best option.

Thank you for the help.

Yes it should work.
What is called « 3rd party mail providers » are those proposing API to send email, not SMTP.
Try to set the configuration as you guessed it. If you have any issue, post the logs here, we’ll try to figure out.