Publish Videos to S3 instead of local instance storage

Hi there,
I have deployed my own peertube instance using the Peertube Docs.
Currently the videos are stored on instance itself. I want to store all the videos on AWS S3 Bucket.

Can you please guide me the steps and What all to be edited in configuration file and what steps need to be doe to reload the exisiting peertube instance.

Thank you.

I would like to know what coding is need to do the same. I’m trying to use Backblaze and followed these instructions Remote storage (S3) | PeerTube documentation but I get the failed to upload error. I hope someone can point us in the right direction.

@andmax were you able to run the code which is provided on github?

Thanks, I got it working be using this website Setting up Peertube to use Backblaze B2 storage | Taylor Jadin

do we have to use prefixes?