Hello there,
i like this idea of a federated video platform a lot and i want to participate, but your installation guide for linux is not suitable for a QNAP NAS. I strongly assume that a lot of people would use their NAS to run their server, as they are running anyways and have the hardware capabilities for that. While not strictly impossible on a QNAP you shouldn’t use console commands. It would be possible to run a regular linux vm on it where you run a second webserver running the peertube servers, which would degrade performance quite a lot. So best way would be an dedicated app for those NAS’s. But i have no clue how to do that. Maybe anyone has some ideas how to get it running on QNAP NAS?

Btw: Blender brought me here :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany

Hello (and welcome)
I have no idea to solve your issue, but maybe someone here can help.
If you find how to do that, please share.
BTW, I am not sure that a NAS and a personal access to the Internet are strong enough to broadcast videos.

At first glance Container Station seems the way to go. Then either install PeerTube manually in an LXC container following the production guide, or use the Chocobozzz/peertube docker image.

Performance-wise, container are way closer to native than VMs, so I wouldn’t care about a 1/2% overhead in that case :slight_smile: