Re: censorship?

Thanks for creating PeerTube…

I am trying to decide which self video hosting software to use.

I was looking at YouPHPTube, but there is no community and the code does not seem strong.

Here is my concern:

I talk about conspiracy stuff. And (of course) I do not want my own videos to be censored on my own server.

Can PeerTube censor my website in any way? I am not clear how this works.

PeerTube is a software, not a service.
If you use someone’s else instance, you depend on their rules on that.
If you host your own instance, you decide yourself the content you put on it and what you accept or not, of course as long as you do not break your country rule.
Note that Internet suppliers can still censor you (on legal demand or not, depending of the country) using your url.

Excellent. Thanks for the fast response. Will be installing next week!