Redundancy: copying streaming playlists

Hello everyone, I’ve checked « redundancy » folder in my storage folder (I’m using only hls videos) and found out that only fragmented.mp4 files are getting mirrored. It means that videos cannot be played if the main server is offline. Is there a way to copy all the information about videos to be independent from the original server? Or I’m getting something wrong?

Thanks for your attention.

The original instance currently needs to be up to act as as a tracker. See the following issue :

But I’ve found such code block - doesn’t it relate to streaming playlist redundancy?

Where these files (cahced playlists) are stored, if they are mirrored?

The redundancy system duplicates only file contents. Not metadata. Peertube was designed so (I guess by choice): the origin Peertube instance and user keep control over their data.

Redundancy is only meant to decrease the load on instances. It is not meant as a replication system for high availability or resiliency.

If you want to duplicate videos on your instance, you can use the «import with url» functionnality. But please respect videos licences.

Thanks for your answer! It is clear for me now