Remote runner question (arm64)

I want to setup a 10 orange pi 5+ cluster to use for remote runners.

The remote runner needs to:

A) use hardware acceleration with ffmpeg. Orange pi’s have a different encoder from qsv/nvenc.

B) use a NFS file system over the 2.5gbps connection so the SD card doesn’t wear out and die, which means the temp directory for encoding videos needs to be customizable.

Is this currently possible with the remote runners and if not how hard is it to modify the code?

Also, are the remote runners compatible with arm64 or are they strictly x86?


It’s not currently possible but it’s easy to update the code. See also Remote Runners Hardware Acceleration · Issue #6042 · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub

Runner is just nodejs so it’s compatible with all architectures supported by nodejs and ffmpeg