Remote video fails to load

The latest video from this channel fails to play on my instance ( (and shows « The video is being transcoded, it may not work properly. » below the video)

It does play properly on the origin instance (

And on the origin instance, it is finished transcoding, with multiple resolutions available in HLS format.

For some reason my instance thinks a 1080p WebTorrent is the only version available:

…but of course that 1080p WebTorrent link 404s because there isn’t a WebTorrent version of this at all, only HLS which isn’t showing up on my instance.

Anyways, which PeerTube instance might be at fault, and what could I look into to troubleshoot this further?

I guess there were missed ActivityPub update messages somewhere.
Maybe try to de-federate from the remote instance, then federate again.

Or, easier: try to like the video, to trigger an update.

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Liking the video doesn’t seem to trigger an update of the video’s metadata. The like seems to be successful at federating though:

This channel posted another video tonight and that one showed up fine, so… maybe it’s just a one-time fluke? Is there really no way to manually refresh this data though?

I also tried unfollowing/re-following the remote instance and that had no effect.


The video can be « refreshed » after 2 days