Removing peertube-deleted videos from s3 bucket (backblaze)

hi, after a not completed account data copy from another instance, I am left with a lot of deleted video data on the s3 bucket for my media server.

how to delete the data? I thought removing the video from peertube would also delete the s3 bucket data, however that does not appear to be the case.

any advice would be appreciated, thanks.


Removing the video on PeerTube should also remove the video from the filesystem or the object storage provider. Do you have errors in your PeerTube logs?

the log shows a number of errors like this:

though they are errors with trranscoding-job0builder, not any detail with s3 data deletion.

I ought to mention at this moment that I had issues configuring the s3 storage with the command line tool during installation so it could be mis-configured.

rather than configure the CORS rules with the commandline program, which I could not get to work right, I changed the configuration to " Share everything in this bucket with every origin".

would this affect peertube’s ability to delete data? I am moving all current videos to file system then I will clear out all old data from the bucket and move the current videos back, whicch is not a great solution.

–edit-- could it be the lifecycle settings? they are on default at the moment.

I attempted to apply the CORS rules from the peertube installation guide a second time (first when I installed it) however I get an error with the b2-linux program:

b2 bucket update: error: argument bucketType: invalid choice: 'bucketname' (choose from 'allPublic', 'allPrivate')

when I changed bucketname to the name of my s3 bucket.

any advice would be appreciated.

I think feat: config option object_storage.max_attempts by kontrollanten · Pull Request #6418 · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub will fix your issue

so is this an update coming? thanks for your support.


during the « move all videos to filesystem » a few of the videos will not complete the move? when I run the command

sudo -u peertube NODE_CONFIG_DIR=/var/www/peertube/config NODE_ENV=production npm run create-move-video-storage-job -- --to-file-system --all-videos

peertube comments that jobs are created, and they show complete in the job page, however the videos show « moving to file system ».

any advice would be great, thanks.