REsolver error de conexion de base de datos

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Have you double-checked the values for database.username and database.password in production.yaml?

Can you confirm that the database user exists?

$ sudo -u postgres psql
postgres$ \du

Thanks for responding, this is the output of the command \du is the user that is configured in the production.yaml file

Role name | Attributes | Member of
peertube | Superuser, Create role, Create DB, Replication, Bypass RLS | {}

Did not find any relations.

What I see is that there are no tables created in the database.

Database configuration in the production.yaml file
hostname: peertube_postgres
port: 5432
username: peertube
password: peertube
dbname: peertube

Thanks for the support, if you have any solution I would appreciate it.

dbname: peertube

What version of peertube are you running? I don’t see database.dbname in my default.yaml. It says this:

Your database name will be OR ‹ peertube ›+database.suffix

\l to list databases. What’s the name of your production database? Does it exist? The default database name is peertube_prod.

hostname: peertube_postgres

Is your postgres database on the local machine? If so then hostname should be or localhost.

I am using peertube in docker with the latest version, the database is in a different docker, I created the oauth it client key with github it still does not work