Restart PeerTube on plugin installation?


When installing a peertube plugin from NPM packages the changes are seen without restarting the server but when we install a local plugin we need to restart it for the changes to take effect.

Is there a way for the changes to take effect without restarting the PeerTube server?


You need to use PeerTube documentation to install a plugin without having to restart peertube


Since I have deployed PeerTube using docker, I don’t think the above solution works for me and I also checked inside the container and there are .ts files only. So, is there a way for PeerTube deployed with docker for the changes to take effect without restarting the container?

You need to follow PeerTube documentation first to use the tool I linked :slight_smile:

Do I need to follow the Peertube documentation inside the docker container or outside the container?

Oustide, they are independant tools from the server. It’s a CLI you install that will consumes your PeerTube instance REST API