Reusing same deleted name

Hello. Since I been using YouTube I was confused when it asks for a separate name for User and Channel, since in YouTube both use the same name.

So I got confused and made a name I weren’t content with for my Channel name. Since I cannot change my name I decided to delete it and make a new account, but now it says I cannot use that name. How long do I have to wait til I can use that name again? Channel name was the name I was trying to use for my Username, so it’s still the same name.


Channels are to be considered as a way to separate your content meaningfully.

If your channel’s name doesn’t fit you well, you can change the one displayed in Channel’s management settings.
The ID won’t change but users will mostly notice the name you’ve chosen.

If you want to have a channel with a coherent ID you’ll have to delete your channel and create another one but you don’t need to create a new user.

You just need to know that Channel’s ID must be unique. So you can’t have the same ID than another channel existing on your instance.

Finally, I don’t know if it’s possible to have the same ID as a channel which has been deleted and if so, how much it takes before the ID becomes available.


you can’t reuse a deleted username on a same instance, to avoid identity theft. It’s already indicated admin side, and it will be user side as well.