Role of "show Remaining Attendee Capacity"

Looking at the code of Mobilizon, I see that the showRemainingAttendeeCapacity attribute for Events is accepted by the GraphQL API but commented out from the web edit panel, essentially unused across the code, and the visualization of information about capacity is determined by maximumAttendeeCapacity != 0.

Is this intentional? Is showRemainingAttendeeCapacity a work in progress? Otherwise, which is the role for showRemainingAttendeeCapacity?

In case, I can submit a merge request on GitLab to enforce the flag showRemainingAttendeeCapacity.

Thanks for looking into it. It’s too technical for me, but we (Kaihuri) are not working on « capacity » at all. @setop any feedback from your side?
I’m not sure it has anything to do with what you report, but there is a open issue regarding the number of seats: Number of places not calculated correctly (#1459) · Issues · Framasoft / Mobilizon · GitLab that @lancehomer reported to me.
Last, merge request is of course welcome, but I’d need some functional description / expected result so that it can be tested from an end user point of view.