Sanjeev Mansotra - Is there a limit on uploading to PeerTube?

Hello, I Sanjeev Mansotra, want to start a vlogging channel. Struggling to choose a platform. I want to know some basic questions regarding it -
Does PeerTube have ads?
Is there a limit on uploading to PeerTube?
Youtube will be better or PeerTube?
I’m new to this community, and hoping to get my answers!


Peertube is not one single platform. It is a network: Peertube is one software, and there are many platforms using this software. Each of these is called an « instance ». There are currently more than 1000 Peertube instances!
These instances can be connected, to form a big network.

For example, if you open, you will get the content from a number of other instances. For example, in the following screenshot, i have indicated several peertube instances with arrows.

Instances can be handled by:

  • individuals
  • non-profits
  • companies
  • informal group of persons

To know who provide which instance, there is an about page.

People running an instance are called « administrators ».

More information on Peertube can be found here:

To find an instance, you can use this page: ابحث عن منصة بييرتيوب | JoinPeerTube

Or, you can of course run your own! If you have some technical skills, you can install it yourself on your server. If not, you can find a hoster. There are some non-profit or some companies that can offer Peertube hosting.

Once we said that, i can answer to your questions.

Peertube does not include any ads.
But instances administrators can add some tracking or ads if they want. Peertube, as a Free and Open Source Software, can be modified ; and there is a « plugin » system that allows to add some functionalities.

So, if you don’t want ads, just choose an instance who does not add ads (as far as I know, this is the vast majority: no ads).

This depends on the instance.
Storage has a cost. So instance’s admin can choose to apply a quota to their users.
On the instance search page, you can filter on quota, to find an instance that suits you.

The idea of Peertube is not to replace Youtube, it is to provide an alternative, where users keeps the control on their data.
Comparing youtube and peertube is a question that can not be responded in 2 lines. The philosophy behind are not the same at all. It is first and foremost a political question.

Welcome :slight_smile:

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Thank you for explaining it so well, very helpful reply got to know Peertube better now!