Search stopped working

Had two instances setup both with Elastic search. We post all our videos as « Internal » so they cannot be seen without first logging into the instance.

This was working fine until about a month ago. Now ElasticSearch is no longer generating an index of the videos unless they are set to « Public ». Problem is we need them as « Internal ».

So if we flip our videos to « Public » the index starts to build and the search works fine. Switching it back to anything else, videos no longer show up via search and the index empties out.

Here’s our index, just enough bytes to be enabled, but no data stored.

health status index                    uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
yellow open   index.cfm                cdohna6MTq2426penK5gtg   1   1          0            0       225b           225b
yellow open   index.cgi                Mks10HR7RDuRQYwhiaW5WA   1   1          0            0       225b           225b
yellow open   index.jsp                2IvFU5nCQ66Meyj5tO2jLg   1   1          0            0       225b           225b
yellow open   index.htm                6nlhrvMORXqn5BON1IpW0g   1   1          0            0       225b           225b
yellow open                 jVoLmoVpRcmSpniXJA_nNw   1   1          0            0       225b           225b
yellow open   index.asp                J2gpK3brSWickvIEDqBOyQ   1   1          0            0       225b           225b
yellow open   peertube-index-channels  hs_3WO6fTb2VOyN3kbGcRQ   1   1          0            0       256b           256b
yellow open   index.php                LJ60ZsJFTk2FY6cJpTSVqw   1   1          0            0       225b           225b
yellow open                 IQWkboSiTLam9_NP5lALxg   1   1          0            0       225b           225b
yellow open   peertube-index-videos    8gRG9GsoSHOMfhEY-0tpQg   1   1          0            0       259b           259b
yellow open                 TZxKcS_pRyKtsbQq2ZkvPQ   1   1          0            0       225b           225b
yellow open   peertube-index-playlists FLuEaCYySm20vHWS7CGV3g   1   1          0            0    810.3kb        810.3kb
yellow open   index.html               vIqO_Mr7RL2rjWtUo-worA   1   1          0            0       225b           225b
yellow open   index.aspx               pydjafPDQzeJ7JXo0C52qQ   1   1          0            0       225b           225b
yellow open   index.action             d2l_z3Z1RQOYs-Z0jNuyqg   1   1          0            0       225b           225b

Anyone have any ideas?

PeerTube version 4.1.1
ElasticSearch version 8.6.1


AFAIK the index never indexed private, internal and unlisted videos :thinking:

It was doing it prior to about maybe 3 months ago or so. Not sure if it died after an update to one or the other or if it died for another reason.

If I want to make a feature request for the option to all the search all videos, would I do that via the Github page or?

I guess I should say our usage case is running an internal video platform for our training, etc. So we want to make sure that no one can view a video without logging in first (Internal videos).

If we set them to public, even behind our firewall and locked down, our employees will watch the videos they want without logging into the PeerTube instance and thus there will be no stats for them or cause them to open tickets with us for not being able to comment, etc.

I definitely see you don’t want unlisted or private videos indexed, but I think internal should definitely be an option.

The thing is that we can’t index private or internal videos, because your PeerTube instance won’t display them and will forbid access to them to all unlogged users, including the search index.