Self-Hosted Mobilizon instance fails to send eMail

Sorry for posting in English :uk:, I am ashamed I cannot speak French :fr: !

We (non-for-profit organization) kindly requesting help with our self-hosted Mobilizon instance’s SMTP configuration.

We have successfully set up a docker container using the original framasoft/mobilizon:4.1.0 image. This is our email configuration:

      - "MIX_ENV=prod"
      - "DOCKER=true"
      - ...
      - ""
      - ""
      - "MOBILIZON_SMTP_SSL=true"
      - "MOBILIZON_SMTP_TLS=if_available"
      - ...
      - "MOBILIZON_LOGLEVEL=debug"

The Mobilizon debug log contained each single email ten times, but the mail server does not receive it, and the Mobilizon log does not contain any error message! :frowning:

We first failed with our own Exim instance, then tried (and failed) with GMail, so it seems there is something wrong with this config. As no error message is found in the logs, we’re stranded! :fearful:

Any help is highly appreciated! :slight_smile: