Send an invitation link to signup


Recently implemented, the password creation by e-mail after creating an account from the admin panel, is a really cool feature.

But one is missed, sending an invitation link to signup even when signup are closed.

Do you have any idea how to implement it ?

It should already work.
Administrators can create users even when registrations are closed. And I developed this feature for this case: a closed instance, where admins can invite users.

@JohnLivingston are you talking about the invitation link to create a password ? in this case the admin creates the account (with a username filled by the admin and an automatic channel name) and invite the user to create a password.

I’m talking about a fearure to send invitation link to create the whole account, a unique link with a hash redirecting to the signup view allowing the user to choose its username and channel name.

Sorry, I misunderstood the question.

@kimsible @JohnLivingston you are referring to - maybe you should contribute there?

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thanks @rigelk sorry I didn’t survey the issues for this feature. I will contribute there =)