Setting default language on Mattermost/Framateam

I am trying to use Framateam as a replacement for Slack for a Learning Circle ( taking place in Boston (MA, USA). The main difficulty is that the default language for the interface is in French and participants, who don’t speak French, have to navigate it in order to change the language to English. Is there a way to set the default language for a particular group/team instead or each participant having to do it?
Thank you for your help!

Apparently no (apart if you install your own instance, of course).
But they have to change it once normally :
(Menu) ≡ → Paramètres → Affichage → Langage

Thank you for clarifying!

Would it be possible to fix this? (make the default language settable for all users or based on web browser)
Who should I contact to start working on that?

Hello. We don’t develop Framateam’s software. We use mattermost and the issue is known of dev team: -

Meanwhile, you have to change it in your settings.

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OK, thanks for clarifying, I guess it’s the same if I want to make framaforms, framapad or other services available in English? Would you be so king as to point me to the right place?
Thanks in advance

Actually, most of our services are available in english, but, as mentioned in our faq:

Everything is in french! How can I get the english version?

We are currently translating our home pages , but it takes time, so not all of them are translated yet.

However, the softwares we offer are mostly in English (and not developed by us). Exceptions are: Framaforms, Framasite…

If you want to help us translate, please join our translation platform.

If you use with an “english” browser, you should have english interface, for instance.

Nope, it’s running French…
Ce qui n’est pas un problème pour moi, vu que je suis français (désolé, j’ai pas pensé à shifter) mais les gens avec lesquels je travaille ne parlent malheureusement pas français ^^"
Merci pour le lien, je vais voir si je peux aller faire un peu de traduction du coup !

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