Setting up Auto threads in remote runner

Hi, I tried to configure a remote runner, by default comes with 1 thread, I changed it to « auto » but is not working.

Anyone knows how do I have to set it to be auto, like in instance « auto ffmpeg »?

Btw, what is the parament « nice » for?


Use 0

Btw, what is the parament « nice » for?

See nice (Unix) - Wikipedia

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Hi there,

Looks like 0 works, however somehow I see that the runner is not properly configured. I have set up the runner in the same machine that I have for the peertube server, a 16 cores VM. The same video in the peertube server with ffmpeg « auto » takes 3:32 minutes while with the runner takes 4:37 minutes to be transcoded.

This is my toml config:

concurrency = 3
threads = 2
nice = 20

And this is my runner server info:

Ubuntu: 23.04
Node: v18.20.2
Ffmpeg/Ffprobe: 5.1.2-3