Shared hosting

I have a long standing shared hosting account with unlimited bandwidth and space
for several other projects with a large service provider. I would like to avoid the costs
and the trouble of an additional VPS and want to install PeerTube on my shared
hosting account.
How do I proceed?
My provider is iFastNet: Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server, VPS Server

Thx in advance… :slight_smile:

Your service provider seems to only support PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby, not NodeJS which is the language used for PeerTube. Shared hosting usually only works like this.

You’ll need a VPS with access to the terminal to install PeerTube. Some details are here: Take back control of your videos! JoinPeerTube

There is an unlimited bandwidth and space shared hosting account that I have had for a long time. Another large service provider is involved in several other projects. The costs would be too much for me to bear.The trouble of setting up another VPS and wanting to install PeerTube on my shared hosting Canadian VPS.
What should I do next?

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