[sloved]How to add support button for videos


I find no posts mentioned how to add support button. And I did not find any on the docs but only this link.

So how to add support button for videos?

Updates: I think I just found it. So no more questions. :sweat_smile:

You can mark this thread as resolved, so we don’t began to search the response before seing your update. And you can also post the answer, so if other users search for this on the forum, they will also have the solution.

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You can find My Library - My channels - Update button under the channel(need support button) - Support field

I used these cominations to add photos and css to cutomized it:


Added to advance - css

img[alt="qrcode"] { 
  max-width:  200px; 
  display: block;

Right. Why I did not think of mark resolved in the first place. I only changed the topic. :face_with_peeking_eye:

For the record, your custom CSS won’t apply on remote instance. So when users will be watching your content on a federated instance, the qrcode will not display correctly.

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Oops. Got it. Thanks.