Social Media Sharing Plugin

Hello !

I’ve started a plugin that completes the current « SHARE » action on a watch view (video or playlist), creating share buttons for Twitter and Facebook above the URL field :

I would like to improve a little this plugin, first replacing grey buttons with round chape like Mobilizon does :
Screenshot_2020-06-16 Visite du Mont-Saint-Michel en montgolfière

And, what would you see more than Twitter and Facebook ? Diaspora ? Mastodon ? (Later Mobilizon ?)

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Mastodon would be great - not sure what a button for this looks like though. Maybe ?


I know that Reddit is a big thing in the english-speaking communities… Even though it’s proprietary (so my « vote » here goes to Mastodon).

Would a « share to wordpress » button be relevant?

Anyway thanks for the plugin, @kimsible, it’s a great idea and it will be very usefull!

Thank you @rigelk and @Pouhiou !

So Mastodon, Reddit, and WordPress (very good idea, so much writers use it !)

For Mastodon, open 2 modals is a little bit much, isn’t it ?

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Do you refer to my link ? I think it’s fine.

Hi ! A big update has just been released (v0.9.0) :

The plugin was broken since PeerTube v3.0, but now almost everything needed has been implemented.

Now we can share on Mastodon, WordPress (with Press It installed on the instance), reddit, tumblr and more…

For more details about the release you can check the repository.


We can also choose the service to display in the plugin settings:

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I’ve installed the plugin, activated Facebook, but I don’t see any change, No share buttons are visible >> Extrait exclusif VOLEUSES : la danse ICONIQUE de Mélanie Laurent - ShowSet Tube