Social Media Sharing Plugin

Hello !

I’ve started a plugin that completes the current « SHARE » action on a watch view (video or playlist), creating share buttons for Twitter and Facebook above the URL field :

I would like to improve a little this plugin, first replacing grey buttons with round chape like Mobilizon does :
Screenshot_2020-06-16 Visite du Mont-Saint-Michel en montgolfière

And, what would you see more than Twitter and Facebook ? Diaspora ? Mastodon ? (Later Mobilizon ?)

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Mastodon would be great - not sure what a button for this looks like though. Maybe ?

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I know that Reddit is a big thing in the english-speaking communities… Even though it’s proprietary (so my « vote » here goes to Mastodon).

Would a « share to wordpress » button be relevant?

Anyway thanks for the plugin, @kimsible, it’s a great idea and it will be very usefull!

Thank you @rigelk and @Pouhiou !

So Mastodon, Reddit, and WordPress (very good idea, so much writers use it !)

For Mastodon, open 2 modals is a little bit much, isn’t it ?

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Do you refer to my link ? I think it’s fine.