Solutions for centralized user authentication?

I have Peertube, and will have at least two other apps on my server. I would like users to be able to access all apps from one account. The only way I can think to do this is setting up an OAuth server and authenticating Peertube and the rest of the apps with OAuth. Installing OAuth seems very confusing, though.

Does anyone have other suggestions for easier ways to connect Peertube to a centralized user database, or even allow Peertube’s user list be the centralized database that other apps can also use?

So I’ll probably use KeyCloak, now just have to figure out if I can autologin a user to Peertube when they login on Keycloak.

Did you achieved to use keycloak with PeerTube, I’m quite very interested :slight_smile:

Yes I did, using Open ID Connect, but I’m probably going to program my own authentication system as there are parts of Keycloak that are hard to customize, such as removing the need for a user to include their name during registration.

Edit: I didn’t attempt auto-login Peertube with Keycloack though.

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