[solved] Version unchanged after upgrade.sh


I’m attempting to upgrade from Peertube 2.2.0 to 2.4.0 on FreeBSD with nginx.

Following directions from here I moved to the scripts directory and ran the upgrade.sh script. Afterwards I rebooted the server and the « About » page on my instance still shows version 2.2.0.

I double checked and the peertube-latest is pointing to 2.4.0:

peertube-latest -> /var/www/peertube//versions/peertube-v2.4.0

Any help is appreciated!


What is your instance URL?

Hi Chocobozzz,

It’s https://video.berocs.com


I went back, copied the v2.4.0 folder to a backup, and then tried performing the upgrade again with the manual method. The result is the same, the site appears to work still but the version reported is 2.2.0.

I’m an idiot, I was performing the upgrade on the wrong machine.

I forgot that I had moved peertube to be on the VM that holds my SSL certs, since I couldn’t figure out how to separate the two.