Sophisticated phisihing with fake PeerTube site?

Searching from Google « peertube » the first result it gave me was to a site url -removed link-
which looks suspiciously sophisticated phishing to hijack people from real PeerTube networks since we know on PeerTube people can find videos about news and politics censored on the other video platforms…
Maybe I’m wrong, but that site doesn’t seem a real peertube network site and has many sections missing.

Nobody knows if that’s scam?

(This msg is a warn about a potentially fake site to hijack users to fake PeerTube network… Sorry if it was marked as « spam »… Has been misunderstood?)


This is a peertube instance with a badly chosen domain name :confused: Unfortunately some search engines display them before the official website We have for example the same issue with

Ok thanks, good to know :+1:t2: