Streaming by demand

There is a great need for a streaming by demand feature with a charging option because most people can’t afford to buy DVDs each time, so they stream bootlegged content and therewith creators are ripped of.

So I would like to start a video site with content from creators who agree to charge only small amounts for ad-free vids.

Hence my question:

  1. is there an option to charge (maybe even different amounts) for specific videos, or
  2. maybe even charge by the minute so that people can start watching a 2 hour documentary but when they find out it’s not their thing, stop after 10 minutes?


No sorry there are no such option in PeerTube.

Thanks, then I have to ask as a total newby:
Is Peertube designed to be a fixed template to display vids in a grid or as a list;

or could I (as a workaround) simply embed specific single videos on a page?
This way I could charge people before being allowed to see certain videos.

Embedding peertube videos individually would also open many other doors, like creating a drupal portal site and allowing individual users to list their vids.

Yes, you could embed videos from PeerTube on another website that charges your users. But once the URL is shared, people could bypass your website.

Thank you, this is very helpful.
I think the larger picture is that everything which is in the web can be ripped of, so it would be more a matter of appealing to peoples’ ethics for adhering the demands. A simple reminder each time they initially payed for a video would be somehow enough, because I was literally thinking of a charge as low as 1 cent per minute (and because that is not possible for 60 pennies for an hour long video for example) .
I thought of embedding videos with Drupal but the other problem will be that once that url is out in the open, the users entire channel would be seen so that would tempt anyone to watch the entire content on framatube or peertube.

All in all this is my idea to bridge the gap between having to buy expensive lectures or concerts vs streaming free stuff which often is as good and even allows to just once watch it.
I will brainstorm further.